Orange County Boat Insurance

Boats are a beautiful way to enjoy life on the water whether it is in the open ocean, still lake, or a recreational river system. Owning a boat has its pros and cons but for boat owners there is at least one rule every captain must follow: Have a mandatory minimum insurance policy that meets State and Federal requirements. Sailboats, jet-boats, personal watercraft such as jet-skis and wave-runners, houseboats, and even certain small lake boats all require coverage for liability. Just like owning a car, active registration is required to hold a boat insurance policy and is essential to maintaining the feeling of freedom that being a boat owner can instill.

Some factors to determine your necessary boat coverage and price include:

  • How long your boat is?
  • How fast your boat goes?
  • Is a speed boat, sail boat, or houseboat?
  • How often you use the boat?
  • Where the boat is located?
  • How experienced is the captain?
  • Is it docked or stored at home?
  • Previous tickets or accidents involving a boat specifically.

Boat accidents are a very unfortunate result of boat misuse, malfunction and negligence, intoxicated driving, and lack of experience/proper safety measures.

Have a reliable provider to rely on in case you are liable for property damage or much worse, costly ongoing medical expenses such as surgeries and physical therapy in case of physical impairment or dismemberment.


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