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Dental Insurance is a supplementary type of insurance and should be added to your portfolio of protection typically after you obtain proper health insurance but it is not actually required to have health insurance to purchase a dental program for you and your family.

The reasons why Security Professional Insurance Service recommends obtaining a health policy first before dental insurance is because of the bigger blanket of protection that general health insurance coverage provides as opposed to the niche of dental insurance. If you feel the need to acquire or add dental coverage to new or existing plans and would like to have further protection read on.

Having a great dentist and dental policy is not just an essential part of healthy living but it helps drastically in maintaining a healthy cosmetic for the client. Several forms of dental insurance have made their way into insurance underwriting policies throughout the years.

PPO (Participating Provider Network)

The primary reason to choose a PPO Provider is to have the ability to choose your own doctor that practices privately and does not operate within your designated specific network. If you are able to do your diligent research and find the best doctor that can help prevent or cure certain ailments and symptoms it is your right to do so while not being restricted to a DHMO or Dental Health Maintenance Organization.

DHMO (Dental Health Maintenance Organization)

A DHMO is an organization that partners up with dentists to provide a alternative to a PPO program. When a dental service provider makes a partnership with a dentist, that provider agrees to perform their services at a reduced cost for the patient because they are part of the network that filters business there way.

Indemnity Dental Plans

This plan can be particularly useful for someone who wishes to participate in a network moving forward but would like to stay with their current dentist. These plans are custom written for each and every individual and if you would like to know more contact a Security Professional Insurance Service Agent today!

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