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Being healthy is something that many of us take for granted, and it isn’t until an accident or injury that we discover how important our health really is. In addition to contributing to your general quality of life, your health is something that allows you to work and provide for yourself and your family, and without it, you are unable to properly care for yourself or those you love. Because of the potential disaster that can befall any of us as a result of an accident or injury, Security Professional Insurance Service provides comprehensive disability insurance policies for all of our Orange County customers.

The Importance of Having Coverage:

  • 43% of people are disabled for 90 or more days between the ages 40 and 65 years old.
  • 30% of people are disabled for at least 90 days during their working career.
  • 90% of disabilities are caused by accidents or illnesses.

Just having a policy can provide you with a much needed sense of ease and comfort, and helps us to know that if anything were to happen, we and our loved ones would never have to worry about paying the bills and keeping food on the table. Your policy will replace the income you lose when you are unable to work, and provide the much needed cash to pay for your house, care, food, phone, and all of the other things that you depend on in life.

Types of Disability Coverage

Short-Term disability coverage provides for you and your family while you are injured or sick for a shorter period of time. This type of coverage pays benefits that make up for lost wages while you are unable to work, and depending on the policy covers a certain percentage of your income for a set amount of time.

When considering a Short- Term policy, please consider the following items:

  • A comfortable premium you know you are able to afford.
  • Your expenses and the income you must have to afford them.
  • How much you want your monthly benefits to amount to.
  • The amount of time you would like your coverage to last for.
  • The amount of time it will take for your coverage to kick in.

Long- Term Coverage is designed to begin where your Short- Term coverage left off, which is generally anywhere between 3 and 6 months. Your Long- Term coverage will pay a percentage of your income, and although coverage varies, it is usually somewhere between 50%- 60%. Some forms of coverage will offer payments all the way until the age of 65, while others pay out for shorter lengths of time. According to a “2013 U.S. Group Disability and Group Term Life Market Survey” from 2013, the average annual payment for a Long- Term disability plan was $226.

Providing Disability Coverage for Over A Decade

At Security Professional Insurance Service, we have been providing fully comprehensive policies to our customers for over a decade, and have the experience and network available to find you the best policy to fit your needs. If you have any questions about which of our policies is best for you, our you would like to sign up for coverage today, please call one of our representative at (714) 408-7406.

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