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For over the last 70 years Security Professional Insurance Service has been dedicated to providing you and your family with the most comprehensive, affordable health insurance packages available on the market. As a family owned and operated business ourselves, we understand the importance of taking care of the ones we love, and we make it our number one priority to make sure you have the ability to do the same with your family. There is nothing in the world more dear to us than our family members, and with a comprehensive health plan our customers always able to provide the care and appreciation that their family members deserve.

In our decades of experience we have worked with an incredible amount of insurance providers, but the organization we have found to provide the most all inclusive, cost effective program has been Blue Cross Blue Shield. In our experience Blue Cross Blue Shield provides the best plans for their customers with minimal out of pocket cost, and does so without any hassle to the policyholder. For these reasons and many others, Our Agents work exclusively with Blue Cross Blue Shield to provide you with the best care available to you.

Selecting Your Orange County Health Insurance Plan

When it comes to selecting a plan, we have found that it’s generally easier for our customer to call in and speak with one of our experienced Healthcare Representative, or to actually come in to our office to go over all of your potential plans. This process makes it much easier to answer all of the important questions you may have concerning your plan, and to make sure we are able to meet all of your needs.

If, however, you are not able to make it into our office, we understand, and have provided multiple quoting tools for you should you wish to sign up through our website.

Regardless of whether you plan on signing up through our website, over the phone, or in person, we have outlined all of the potential plans available to you in the following sections, and hope that the information is helpful in helping you choose the plan that is most appropriate for you and your family.

Although it is not uncommon for many people to gain insurance through their work, it is becoming more and more popular for individuals to shop around the private sector to find a plan that best fits their needs. Many individuals and families are finding that they prefer going outside of work for coverage, having experienced the affordability and wide range of easily customizable options offered by the private market. The large variety of plans available, as well as the ability to tailor make a plan that covers exactly what you and your family are looking for, are showing to be some of the greatest and most preferable advantages of going outside of the workplace for insurance coverage.

Regardless of whether you’re single, married, you work for a large corporation that offers insurance, a small business owner, a college student, or you’re just seeking some kind of personal insurance, Security Professional Insurance Service wants to strongly suggest looking into individual health insurance plans

Types of Coverage

What many first time shoppers don’t realize is that there are a wide variety of plans out there, each one designed to accommodate your needs and budget. As opposed to the the types of insurance offered through work, which employees are required to select from a limited number of plans, private insurance carriers provide many different plans all designed to accommodate the variety of individuals, specifically their needs and budgets.

The varieties of plans are subsets of two larger types of individuals plans, which are referred to as managed care and traditional indemnity coverage.

Managed Care Health Insurance covers services for a previously specified network of doctors and practices, hospitals, and additional providers. The most well known types of Managed Care plans are

  • HMO– Health Maintenance Organization
  • PPO-Preferred Provider Organization
  • and POS– Point of Service- plans.

WIth a Managed Care plan, customers have the option of setting money aside in a savings account specifically dedicated to your insurance needs, known as an HSA, or Health Saving Account. All money put away in your Health Saving Account is tax- free, and able to go directly towards any future medical bills.

The second category of personal coverage is known as Traditional Indemnity Coverage. This type of plan was the most popular sort of coverage before the existence of Managed Care plans. Instead of focusing on providers, like Managed Care plans, Traditional Indemnity Coverage focuses on providing you with the service you are looking for.

The most significant difference between Managed Care plans and Traditional Indemnity Coverage is that managed Care plans covers your care for a pre selected list of doctors- which is often times a list you are able to choose from- and Traditional Indemnity Coverage covers your needs regardless of the hospital or the doctor you are receiving care from.

Regardless of which type of personal coverage sounds preferable to you, Our agents are committed to helping you find the coverage that best suits your needs. Our experienced professionals are ready and able to answer your calls and help you in making an informed decision when selecting the most appropriate coverage for you and your loved ones.

Security Professional Insurance Service Can Help Find The Best Solution For You!

As we have mentioned previously, our experience with providing the most comprehensive, budget friendly plans to individuals and families has shown us that the soaring advantage with private market coverage is the incredible number and range of policies available to potential customers.

When it comes to finding coverage for your family members, we offer four plans that are tailor made to accommodate a wide variety of potential issues and budgets. The flexibility in our plans allows you to find the perfect plan for your family, and we’ve included four separate plans all designed to accommodate a wide range of needs. Below you will find these four plans, each with a brief description and an idea of how they differ from one another.

  • Bronze Plans– Our Bronze Plan covers a total of 60% of any medical bills or health care costs you may have, leaving you responsible for paying the additional 40%.
  • Silver Plans– Our Silver Plan covers a total of 70% of any medical bills or health care costs you may have, leaving you responsible for paying the additional 30%.
  • Gold Plans– Our Gold Plan covers a total of 80% of any medical bills or health care costs you may have, leaving you responsible for paying the additional 20%.
  • Platinum Plans– Platinum Bronze Plan covers a total of 90% of any medical bills or health care costs you may have, leaving you responsible for paying the additional 10%.

As you have probably noticed, each plan increased the total amount of medical bills and health care costs covered by your insurance provider, and decreases the portion you are portion. Because of that, the plans increase in their monthly cost.

In order to find out which plan is right for you based on your health needs and your income, please contact one of our Security Professional Insurance Service representatives. We understand the process of finding the perfect coverage for you and your family members can sometimes be confusing and intimidating, and we’re here to help guide you through making your decision.

Call us today at (714) 408-7406 so we can make sure you and your family have the comprehensive, affordable health insurance plan that they deserve.

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