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Several different factors are considered when your policy is reviewed by a trusted agent, including build quality, amount of personal property and total assets protection. No matter whether you live in a condo in Newport Beach, a two story home in Irvine, or your very first fixer- upper, Security Professional Insurance Service provides policies that can keep your investment protected.

Owning a home is not an easy affair- mortgage payments, utility bills, association fees, all on top of car payments, kids, and all of the other bills and life stresses that go along with being a homeowner and having a career. Our goal is not to saddle you with another bill on top of all of the others, because that’s the last thing out customers need. You’ve worked hard to get where you are today, and we’re here to help make sure you stay there. Our goal is to work with you to help you to make a smart, informed decision about what kind of coverage you need to protect your home and your family so that when an accident happens, you aren’t left without your strongest financial asset picking and up the pieces.

In addition to being an investment, your home is the place where you and your family lay their heads down at night to feel safe and secure. Your policy ensures that no matter what happens, you and your family will be able to stay comfortable and safe.

We have a wide range of policies all designed to meet the different needs of our customers. If you’re interested in homeowners insurance for your Orange County home, or you have questions about which policy is right for you, please contact us at (714) 408-7406. Security Professional Insurance Service has over a decade of experience helping homeowners just like you find policies that perfectly fit their needs without breaking their budget.

Is Homeowners Insurance Required In Orange County?

Unlike operating a vehicle, it is not required to carry coverage on the home that you own. That being said, the vast majority of homeowners do have a policy because they are required to have one when financing their home. Most lenders require the homeowner to have a policy in place should something happen to the home while they are paying off their mortgage, such as natural disasters, fire, or any other unfortunate events. It is also common for the lender to require additional disaster specific coverage if you have purchased a home in an area with a high potential for earthquake or floods.

If you own a condo or home residing in an area governed by some sort of association, the association will often require you to ensure the home or condo. If you live in an association and are unsure what rules apply to you, we recommend checking with the association’s Board of Directors.

If your lender required you to keep your home insured, once you have paid of your home you have the option of cancelling your homeowners insurance. However, in our professional experience we strongly suggest not doing so. Your policy keeps your investment and your family protected in the event of an emergency or disaster, and by cancelling your policy you are opening yourself up to the threat of any unforeseen circumstances.

If you have a policy as a result of your mortgage, looking to switch policies, or are a first time buyer, please contact our office at (714) 408-7406. Our Security Professional Insurance Service professionals have the experience necessary to help you find an affordable policy that fits your needs.

Policies Available To You

Security Professional Insurance Service provides our customers with a wide range of policies in order to best meet everyone’s needs. If you aren’t sure which type of coverage is best suited for you, your family, and your home, please contact one of our professionals and we can help you to make an informed decision.

The various types of coverage we offer are explained in the following sections.

Dwelling Protection

One of the fundamental facts about owning a home is that your home is an investment, and if that investment is not cared for it will decrease in value. Your home has the potential to become damaged under a variety of different circumstances at an given time, and your coverage will help protect your home and your investment when that damage happens. Dwelling protection is the most fundamental type of coverage, keeping your home safe and secure. This policy also covers an attached structures, like your garage, porch, or deck.

Bodily Injury and Liability Coverage

Even though no one wants to imagine what it would be like if someone were to injure themselves on their property, accidents do happen. And even if that person is a friend- and unfortunately in some cases, a relative- lawsuits can also happen. Standard coverage on your home will provide you with protection should a guest or someone not living with you injure themselves at your home. Regardless of whether that injury is a fall down the stairs, or injuring themselves while accidentally tripping in your kitchen, your bodily injury and liability policy will offer you the protection you need. This includes all of your attorney fees, legal bills, and any hospital or medical bills if you are deemed “at fault.”

Personal Property Protection Coverage

This policy goes beyond covering any potential damage done to the home itself, and offers you the protection you need for the belongings you have within your home. This policy doesn’t require you take an in depth, all encompassing inventory of every item you have in your home, but we do recommend making a list of you’re more previous, high value items.

We recommend making a list if the most expensive items in the home, specifically artwork and jewelry. Policy premiums are a reflection of the total cost of the items you are insuring, which means the higher the total value of the items, the higher the premium.

If you have questions about which items need to be accounted for, please contact one of our Security Professional Insurance Service professional and we will be happy to let you know which items we recommend insuring.

Natural Disaster Coverage

Contrary to what most homeowners believe, your basic coverage package does not insure you against all natural disasters. Many policies provide coverage in the event of storms, hail, lightning strikers, and fires, but do not provide coverage against floods or earthquakes.

If you live in an area prone to natural disasters and you’re considering purchasing extra protection, please consult one of our Security Professional Insurance Service professionals. We offer separate coverage options that will protect you and your family against earthquakes, flooding, and other natural disasters not covered by your basic homeowners package.

Proving Homeowners Insurance to Orange County Residents for Over A Decade

Regardless of where you live, your home is the place you come home to at night to kick off your shoes and relax. Your home is a safe place for you and your family, providing structure and stability or everyone beneath its roof. Having a policy with Security Professional Insurance Service insures that no matter what happens, your home is protected against a range of potential accidents and disasters, and that no matter what else happens, your home will be safe and secure at the end of the day.

If you have questions about which type of coverage is most appropriate for your home, please contact one of our experienced Security Professional Insurance Service agents today!

We have been helping Orange County families find the perfect homeowners insurance policies for their families for over a decade, and have years of experience and a wide range of policies to select from. We look forward to earning your business by helping to keep yourself, your home, and your family safe and protected.

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